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Welcome to the Integrity Shop!

‘What is it?’ I hear you ask, well the Integrity Shop is pop-up shop designed for any home. Your imagination can run free, we only offer you the initial building blocks but it's entirely up to you. We want our customers to get involved in making instead of mindlessly buying. So, why not give it a go yourself?


Our aim is to give you the tools to create your The Integrity Shop branded items in the comfort of your own home. There is no need to stand in a queue outside or to continuously pump sanitiser on your hands.  

The simplistic downloadable brochures make you able to follow step-by-step to create merchandise for your very own pop-up shop. With the creation of these products we urge you to up-cycle, by using products which are readily available at home. If you have an old white t-shirt with a stain on, why not cover it with an Integrity Shop logo?

However, the skills we offer are interchangeable and can be used with your own logos and designs! We offer you The Integrity brand as a starter pack to help cure your boredom.

Even during these pressing times, we have been encouraged to continue shopping, especially by our government. The Integrity Shop is attempting to deconstruct our relationship between purchasing meaningless objects for instantaneous rush from shopping. We offer you the chance to become apart of the production process and earn gratification by creating these products yourself.

But What If I Want to Make Something Else? 

Not a problem! As the possibilities are endless, on this page you can find all variations of our logo available. So, you're not restricted to our initial designs, you can let your imagination run wild. But make sure you share your designs to @integrityshopping

It's The Little Things That Count

To  transform your home into The Integrity Shop, we have created a tagging system for you to tag your own products. Simply, with a black marker cross out the unwanted sizes or use our one size tag. Alongside, we have hanger covers available to download. 


If a customer decides to make a purchase, we have Integrity Shop bags available to make at home. 

To transform your living room, your bedroom or your shed into a shop. We have created a playlist, which are we believe encompass The Integrity Brand and will help you get the work done.

We Jamin'?